Dubstep Dj/producer And Stand-up Comedian Tvboo, Real Name Mitch Draper, Apologizes To Fans For What Some Are Calling “racist” And “transphobic” Comments Made On His Tvlks With Tvboo Podcast.

Although his content is normally well-received, people are starting to speak up about seemingly inappropriate comments made during TVLKS with TVBOO. The Wakaan frequenter posted a video on Twitter issuing his apology in response to the backlash on Twitter.

In the video, he says, “Sometimes with comedy, we try to push the lines with things we can joke about. And some of the jokes I’ve made have been offensive, and they carry weight. I can’t take them back, can’t walk that back. But what I can try to do is move forward, learn from it, and apologize.” He continues, “Nothing I do comes from a place of hate or unacceptable, but rather trying to create a safe space where we can talk about topics and learn from them.”

The apology appears to stem from “transphobic” comments made during his latest podcast episode with Chmura, which was released on July 20, 2023. A Twitter user posted a clip from the interview:

An earlier episode of TVLKS with TVBOO from the pandemic era recently surfaced contributing to the “racist” comments made by TVBOO. Listen to a clip below posted by a different Twitter user:

Many dance music fans expressed outrage over one or both incidents. One person tweeted, “TVBOO at this point should not be playing Bass and LL idc.” In response to TVBOO’s apology, another said, “I don’t care what Tvboo says, I will never support him. You can’t change someone’s mindset like that. I know from personal experience with racists [upside down smiley face]”

TVBOO started TVLKS with TVBOO in January 2020. Since then, he’s been posting episodes almost every week featuring different artists in EDM and other industry professions. He’s had Subtronics, GRiZ (more than once), Nitti Gritti, Liquid Stranger, and many more popular dubstep DJs on the show. As of today, TVBOO’s apology is the most recent post to his Twitter profile.

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